Pc Lap Counter work with SCX Digital:

Since version 4.38 Pc Lap Counter include a interface to read data comming from the SCX digital track, all information like cars crossing S/F line, Pit stop , Fuel level,  lane change, throttle level and lap time are decoded and treated by Pc Lap Counter, look at the features of Pc Lap Counter to see what you can do with a race management software.
To connect your digital SCX track to your computer you need a SCX Digital PC interface:

SCX Digital track



SCX To PC interface (SEB interface)

SEB USB interface, Plug and race !  (require Pc Lap Counter 4.55)


Include Fuel Management and pit stop

SEB USB interface gives you wings...


You can buy a assembled SCX Digital to PC interface here:

Video of Pc Lap Counter using SCX Digital with SEB Serial interface by SlotHobbySolutions



How to configure Pc Lap Counter to work with SCX-Digital:

  • Launch Pc Lap Counter normally
  • In the options window choose the detector type ‘SCX Digital - SEB USB interface’ or ‘Serial’ against your SEB interface type.
  • In the task bar of windows, select program 'SCX  Digital SEB interface' and change the serial port if necessary
  • After you only need to set drivers on lanes when you set a race (lane 1 correspond at car 1, lane 2 correspond at car 2....).

To Know:

  • Get lap time from SCX-Digital work only if you press the START button on the SCX-Digital.
  • Pressing the START button on the SCX-Digital will automatically start the race in Pc Lap Counter.
  • It’s possible to pause / resume the race by pressing the LIGHT button on the SCX-Digital.

Fuel management: With SCX Digital : you have two possibilities:

  • Use the SCX Digital fuel management, in the race setting set “Fuel management” to OFF :
    This will let the SCX Digital made the fuel management (including fuel consumption and refueling) ,  Pc Lap Counter will only display fuel tank information comming from the SCX digital and will alert you when the tank fuel come to 2/8 and also  when the fuel tank is empty (please look at your SCX digital manual for more information about fuel management)
  • Use Pc Lap Counter fuel management, in the race setting set “Fuel management” to ON:
     in that case Pc Lap Counter will ignore fuel tank information comming from SCX digital and will  use the digital fuel management of Pc Lap Counter (since version 4.45).

    Tutorial video of PCLC using  fuel management with a  SCX-D control unit without pit function  by SlotHobbySolutions



Recommanded requirement to use Pc Lap Counter with SCX Digital is:

    P4 1.8 GHz , 256 MB, windows XP SP2


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